This term indicates two very different types of glass.
Chronologically, the first one is the one made by Ercole Barovier in 1940, characterised by a "tartan" motif consisting of flat coloured rods, on a colourless transparent backing,

with applications of lots of silver leaves. 
Eleven years later, the painter Dino Martens exhibited the second series: vases produced at the Aureliano Toso glass factory, with asymmetrical shapes, characterised by rich colourings, obtained with irregular patches of brightly-coloured vitrous pastes (yellow, red, blue, black, etc.), avventurina, fragments of zanfirico rods and the characteristic "flower" (the artist called it that way), a circle formed by spokes of black and lattimo rods. 
This latter series is certainly the one that is best known to the public, the one that has steadily become with "pezzati" by Venini & C. one of the symbols of Murano's glass-works during the 50s.

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