Stampo a giro

Letterally round mould. It is a mould in which the glass is blown in order to have a repetitiveness of the shape. Usually the stampo has a round plan and opens in two pieces hinged along the centerline vertically.

Two handles are applied to open the two section of the stampo. The glass pea is mouth-blown from above with the blowpipe inside the closed mold. By rotating and blowing the glass at the same time it takes the shape of the mold to which it adheres without sticking.
The stampo can be made of wood or metal. The wooden stampo can be used for short runs, while the metal stampo is definitive and has no limits of use.

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Credits to: Parole di vetro - Marsilio editore ISBN 88-317-7198-1
Pictures by: Bruno Carnevali
Designs by: Alessandro Lenarda

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