UV polimeric glue


It must be said that this type of bonding is recommended for professionals, although with a little good will it can also be used by enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Gluing in Murano furnaces is becoming important in production processes and increasingly constitute a valid alternative to hot joining.
The advantages of gluing can only be effective if the related application process is completely clear and therefore effective.
The curing adhesive hardens under UV exposure, and apparently even heat can increase this process.
Given the good toughness of the glue, I noticed that all the furnaces have the following this product that can be found in various e-commerce sites.

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LOXEAL ADHESIVE UV hardener 30-21 50ml for glass, crystals.

the degree of polymerization is dependent on:
• the intensity of the source
• the distance of the lamp
• the thickness of adhesive applied
• the transparency of the material that the UV radiation must pass through. (the more transparent the glass, the greater the polymerization and therefore the resistance)
• the geometry of the surface to be glued.
This product is therefore not recommended for opaque or colored glass. It is also not recommended if the surfaces do not match perfectly, or there are spaces to fill.
Since it hardens only if irradiated with UV light it will be necessary to have a specific source, we recommend the use of high intensity UV sources capable of emitting a radiation between 365 nm and 420 nm at at least 100mW / cm2
Another important indication is to buy only the amount of glue that we are going to use because the product needs some precautions to remain effective over time. Above all it must not be exposed to light. in our atelier we buy the smallest possible package and although the container is well shielded we wrap it in a layer of aluminum foil after each use.

Buy it on Ebay

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