Murano Glass Corporate Gifts to Say Thanks to Your Boss

Is it a special day at work? Even if it’s not, you might want to thank your boss for being an incredible mentor throughout your work journey. If “thank you” is all you have to say, do it with style! Most people gift their boss a small token of appreciation along with a thank you note. Others take their bosses out for lunches and dinners.

Since 2022 is more about restoring ties, why not gift your boss a gift that stays with them for long? If you’re not too familiar with what your boss loves, play safe and go with something they would like for sure.  

Murano glassware will surely do the trick for you! Explore our website, select your favorite product and have it shipped within weeks. Besides, who doesn’t know how precious a glass Murano is!

Here are some cool Murano glass products.

Murano Glass Vases

Murano glass items are perfect decorative pieces. They can be placed anywhere in the house. They are perfect for study rooms and look elegant in lively living rooms. Your boss will be able to use the vase in his office as well. This is one advantage of glass pieces. They help make the surroundings look more appealing and well-decorated.

 a Murano glass vase


Useful in both domestic and business places, paperweights are essential in corporate setups, study rooms, and corporate offices. You can use glass paperweights to complement the mood and aesthetics of your office area. You can also use paperweights as decorative pieces for your tables and cubicles. Make sure you choose high-quality paperweights for your boss.

You can purchase big flower vases, paperweights, and decorative glasses pieces from MuranoNet.


Cufflinks are related to a classy appearance. They are some of the most worn jewelry items for men. Worn mostly with suits, cufflinks made with stone can be worn with blazers and jackets. Style guides today have men wearing cufflinks with formal suits.

Gift your boss a set of Murano glass cufflinks. Go for cufflinks enriched with molten glass and golden powder. They are available in different colors and shades to best suit your taste.

A Watch

Best as a gift, there’s no beating a watch when it comes to pleasing your boss. Watches make perfect corporate gifts. They are long-lasting, durable, and authentic for all occasions and events. Most watches come with adjustable chains. A watch as a gift to your boss should be classy, sophisticated, and of an elegant shade.

If Murano glass watches appeal to you, call us at +390412770822 to order your favorite Murano glass watches.

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