Murano Glass stoppers for wine bottles

Over a thousand years, the island of Murano in Venice, Italy, has been home to the art of Murano Glass dinnerware production. Unique and priceless, each piece of Murano Glass tableware is crafted by master glassblowers in Venice, Italy.

Owning a piece of Murano Glass tableware not only demonstrates refined taste and an appreciation for the better things in life, but it also links you to a rich Venetian tradition. Here are the three main reasons why Murano Glass tableware is so unique:

1. They Are Historic

Murano Glassmaking began in Venice at least as early as the 8th century. It became one of the primary industries of the Venetian Republic by 1291 when all the glass-making factories were relocated to Murano.

This led to an international craze for Venetian-made Murano Glass tableware, which has now spread to other countries. Brilliance, transparency, and feather-light weight made it popular with royalty, nobles, and wealthy merchants.

2. Murano Glass Is Considered Art

The humble beginnings of Murano Glass as a simple craft that required expert hands and a repeatable procedure have evolved into an internationally recognised art form today. In the art world, several Murano master glassmakers have created a name for themselves by embracing new trends in contemporary art and bringing them to life in a glass.

They've also collaborated with artists from all over the world. Numerous household names like Toso, Zecchin, Batovier, and Salviati have graced the pages of history. The Murano Glass Hall of Fame includes artists like Zanetti, Rosin, and countless others.


Murano candle holder

3. Murano Glass Tableware Is Invaluable

Murano Glass tableware, unlike most other tableware items mass-produced in the industries of China, is a unique creation crafted by hand following the old tradition. In addition to its financial worth, which could range from a few hundred dollars to several hundred thousand, this work of art holds a sentimental value that cannot be quantified. It represents the distinctive beauty and luminosity of Venice.

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