5 Murano Glass Products That Make Perfect Wedding Gifts

Buying a wedding gift for someone can be overwhelming. If it’s someone close, you’d want to give them something that they can cherish forever. At MuranoNet, we offer a 10% discount on our wide selection of wedding presents.

It’s time to celebrate love again and express your love for soon-to-be-wed friends or family. We have enlisted some of the intimate Murano glass wedding gift ideas.

Murano Glass Wedding Gifts

You can offer these wedding gifts as unique mementos to the bride and groom. Check out these wedding gifts:

1. Serenissima lovers

Serenissima Lovers sculpture is the perfect gift for lovebirds. This Chalcedonian-colored sculpture stylizes lovers facing each other. The glass master Maestro Tagliapietra used the Massello technique to celebrate love in this sculpture. The figure of a woman and man leaning face-to-face with peculiar colors can be a unique gift that your favorite couple will cherish for the rest of their lives.

2. Rectangular Centerpiece

Murano glass tray

If you’re looking for something more practical, a centerpiece is the right option. Our Murano glass rectangular centerpiece is made with murine. The oriental colors in this Trinket Tray are trapped inside murrine titles and infused together for an incredibly eye-catching character.

This tray is handmade to perfection using a custom fusing technique and murrine tiles. You’ll find the difference in colors and measurements that reflects the excellent craftsmanship of the glass masters.

3. Crypto Disk

Murano glass product


This is an incredible Murano glass artwork signed by Stefano Toso. The crypto disk can be a perfect decoration piece for a newly-wed couple. Add light to the disk to transmit elegant design and bright colors. This crypto disk is made using ancient techniques and comes with a MuranoVitrum guarantee.

4. Ocean Vase

 Murano glass vase

This Murano glass ocean vase is made with murine. This is a hand-blown Murano glass vase created exclusively with applicazioni a caldo and murrine techniques. The glass masters use ancient Muranese techniques to design and make this ocean vase in our Muranese atelier. Give it as a wedding present that your favorite couple can use a standalone vase or display their indoor plants.

5. Dubai Canoe

Murano glass centerpiece

This is an amazing centerpiece made with fusing and murine techniques. This oval centerpiece has a satin surface, whereas the interior is glossy. The glass master has trapped oriental colors within the murrine tiles and infused them to create an eye-catching art piece.

Handmade at our Muranese atelier using custom designs. The changes and defects in colors and sizes are the proof of excellent craftsmanship. Each centerpiece reflects a unique design true to the art piece.

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