Murano Glass Office Gift Ideas

Buying a gift for clients, employees, co-workers, bosses, or business associates isn’t like buying an intimate gift for a loved one. You must consider the formality and nature of your relationship with the business associates before buying a present for them.

As Murano glass specialists, we offer unique business Christmas and corporate executive gift ideas at our online store. You can discover our collection for inspiration. Alternatively, you can read this guide to find some of our favorite picks.

Corporate Gift Ideas

Our collection of corporate and office gifts are perfect presents for Christmas, Thanksgiving, work anniversaries, and parting ways. These gifts can impress everyone at work with their touch of exquisite elegance.

1. Executive Gifts

Do you have an important stakeholder to impress this season? Our animal sculptures, goblets, glass aquariums, and vases are some of the best executive gifts.

a. Murano Glass Hippopotamus

  Handmade hippo

This handmade hippo sculpture comes with MuranoVitrumGuarantee. It’s made in a single example using the massello technique. This highly impressive piece will leave a good impression on an executive. All of the body and face features have been obtained through hot modeling without any molds.

b. Red Vase

  Murano glass vase

Do you know Murano glass red vases are highly-priced due to exceptional craft? Impress an important stakeholder with this fact and surprise them with a present. This vase is hand-blown using the multiple layering technique.

2. Retirement Gifts

Is your employee or colleague retiring? Use this opportunity to recognize and praise their hard work. Our Murano glass retirement gifts can help you part ways with an employee or colleague thoughtfully. Celebrate the long career and contribution of a retiring employee or colleague.

a. Glass Cufflinks

 Murano glass cufflinks

Cufflinks are hands-down an easy option for a formal corporate gift, but how about you take it up a notch? We’re thinking squared Murano glass cufflinks. They come with glass beads and a variety of design options.

b. Table Clock

 Murano glass table clock

Celebrate the time of your retiring employee or colleague with this fine colorful Murrinas table clock. This elegant table clock is made using the VetroMurrino technique to include multi-colored glass slabs fused to create a painting-like piece.

3. Recognition Gifts

Recognition goes a long way. It boosts employee morale and encourages them to put in their best work. These Murano glass gifts will show your employees that you notice and appreciate their work.

a. Picture Frame

  Murano glass frame

Picture frames are an easy office gift option, but they can be an excellent present if made from exquisite Venetian glass. Our Doge picture frames are made from blue crystal glass infused with murrine. Both are molten together to create different colors and shapes of the picture frame.

b. Glass Paperweight


We make our paperweight using the Murrine technique. Our glass masters use the hand-blowing technique. These paperweights are submerged with crystals and murrine, and we only produce a few copies to retain the uniqueness of the pieces.

Celebrate your employees and fellow corporate associates with these unique art pieces. Buy custom business gifts for employees and clients at MuranoNet. We offer MuranoVitrum guarantee and deliver products within 15 days or less, depending on the availability. Reach out to us for further information.