Adriano Della Valentina

Adriano Dalla Valentina was born in Murano in 1945. Where he has lived and worked all his life. He has an open personality, always surrounded by friends although very shy with strangers.

After the Second World War, most of the youth on Murano, were bound to work with family. The positive side was being young. They could absorb the basic techniques of millenarian craftsmanship faster.

A number of Adriano’s same aged friends are now masters and poets in glass manufacture. They describe Adriano as a real poet with glass. He studied the raw materials, the old techniques, filigree (filigrana) and murrina (murina). Then gave up modern and solid decorative sculpture for the light, thin and delicate glass, personalizing each product with his own personal taste. He was only 29 (1974), when he opened a furnace/studio where he could truly express his artistic abilities in glass. It’s difficult to describe Adriano’s beautiful creations, however everyone that sees them falls in love with them. His mastery and his virtuosity have ensured collaborations with brands such as Dior and Gucci, as well as with artists such as Luciano dall'Acqua, of whom he nurtures a special memory.

Colours, taste and lines, blend in harmonic designs to bring a level of glass art unique to Murano.Adriano is an original artist of twentieth century glass manufacture.And with his young son Stefano, graduating from the Venice Art Institute, they have brought a new wave of enthusiasm and increased glass production.

Owning Murano Glass is a privilege reserved to connoisseurs and to people fond of this traditional art form. He passed on september of 2019, leaving a big legacy behind him.


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