Afro Celotto

Afro Celotto was born in Venice on August 24 1963.

He started working with glass when he was only 14 years old, apprenticing with the great master Lino Tagliapietra. During his first

12 years as servente to Lino, Afro had the opportunity to learn from one of the greatest living glass masters.

After many years at Effetre International firm, Afro took his skills to La Murrina firm where he finally filled the position of maestro. Here he specialized in two of the oldest techniques: filigrana and murrina. Four years later, Afro returned to Effetre International after being asked to replace Lino Tagliapietra, who had moved to the United States to open his own studio.

More recently, Afro, with two talented friends, Luca Vidal and Carlo Tagliapietra, has opened his own studio. For many years previously, Afro worked within the old tradition where great glass masters executed the designs of others. In this new century, he has moved beyond excellence in execution and now finally feels free to devote his attention and focus to his own artistic expression and unique works. 2007 has been an immensely creative year for him.

The graphic sign under each piece is actually the signature of the artist, Maestro Afro Celotto. He uses a special diamond point tool to handwrite it under each of his pieces.

Afro is one of the most skilful in the technique called “tociar piera” or filigrana.

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