Alberto Donà

Alberto Donà was born in Italy in 1944.
He began working in the glass field at the age of 13. He worked with many masters and had the opportunity to work abroad, in Venezuela. His foremost influence was the maestro "Nane" Ferro , who was known in Murano during the 60's as one of the most skilled and talented masters.

In the early 70's Donà opened his own furnace. He became known for his ability with colours and creativity in generating unique colour combinations. Most characteristic of his work is the large size that Donà is able to achieve with his creations.



These qualities have interested important companies such as Venini & C. , Reflex, and Saporiti, that have relied on Donà for glass accessories.
By the end of the 80's, Alberto Donà talent attracted many artists with who he then collaborated.
His vessels have been included in various shows: in October 2001 he had a one-man show at the Vassel Art Gallery in London. He was selected to furnish the lighting for the Hiroshima Memorial Museum.


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