Andrea Pagnes

Venetian artist and writer Andrea Pagnes (born 1962 in Venice) holds degrees in Philosophy and Modern Literature, and certificates of higher studies in Museology.

Art Critic and Creative writing. He has been working as a writer, painter, glass sculptor, independent curator, and translated among others "Jurassic Park" into Italian.

He founded cultural magazines, and has been the artistic director at the Andrea Tagliapietra atelier in 1995.

He obtained the diploma of Social Theatre operator from Isole Comprese Teatro (Florence, IT) working as an actor and playwright with psychic patients, former drug-addicted and physically disabled people. These experiences significantly determined his approach to arts working on personal conflicts and social responsibilities.

Since 2006, he has been working together with German artist Verena Stenke as VestAndPage, generating art in the mediums of live performance, film, writing, and as independent curators.

His works have been produced and presented internationally in a variety of sites, museums and galleries, and have been described as transfixing, confronting, spellbinding, humble, uncomfortable, carrying fresh iconography, cathartic, visceral, liminal, otherworldly, shamanic, tensional, silent, delicate or mysterious.

He has exhibited and performed among others at Museo de Arte Tigre (Buenos Aires), Ex Teresa Arte Actual and Museo Universitario del Chopo (Mexico City), Centro Cultural FIESP - Ruth Cardoso (Sao Paulo), Museo de Arte Moderno


1987 - "Uno studio sugli affreschi di San Giovanni Decollato ", art essay published by Edizioni Helvetia, Venice.

1990 - Werso Samain" prose work-published by

Edizioni Helvetia, Venice.

1991 - " L'arte della litografia nell'opera di Marc Chagall ", ark essay, Milan.

1992 - " Azione Poetica'' prose work CD, Ragusa ( after winning a contest set by "La Republica" newspaper).

1997 - Two essays published in Filosofia 2 - Ed. Politi, Milan.

1998 - 11 11 Labirinto prose work to be published in the near future. Poems and prose works published by some national antology books. An essay on poetry published by the yearbook of the Venetian Atbenaeum (1989).

Journalistic career

1987/1991 - Collaborator of Gazzetta di Venezia and Gazzetta Veneta magazines: founder of the cultural column "Officina Veneziana"

dal 1990 - Collaborator of Flash Art and Flash Art International magazines.

1993 - Founder of Nexus magazine.

1993/1995 - Collaborator of Flux News magazine (Belgium)

July 1993 - Entered in the Italian Journalist Corporation Articles appeared in other national and foreign magazines.


1990 - Lieders of Schumann, Schubert, Strauss for the event "La Musica dell'Imperatore", Venice.

1991 - Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, Garzanti c Vallardi, Milan.

1995 - Ripley Bogie by Robert McLiam Wilson (collaboration), Garzanti, Milan.

1995 - Picasso, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, from Italian to English, Milan.

1995 - Chagall curated by André Francoise Villon, from Italian to English, Milan.

1996 - Alexander Brodky by Guy Lesser, Milan.

Theatre & Video

1991 - Assistant of Professor André Francoise Villon for the play Evelyn by James Joyce.

1994 - John Keats,screenplay and acting. Directed by Asia Argento.

1992 - Picture it!, videoclip for Corale art exhibition.

1993 - Stanze Mistiche, videoclip for Stanze Mistiche art exhibition.

1994 - He?Art, videoclip for Artriti art exhibition.

1996 - Imagine that video for Club Media, Venice Biennale 1997.

1999 - Colours, videoclip


1990 - Robert Schuman award: representive of Italy (EC, Strasburg). Pertaining to this award, a written essay about the question of immigration is published by the EC Parliament in 1991.

1990 - National award Selezione Poesia for the book Azione Poetica.

1991 - 11 literary award Città di Venezia (Venetian Athenaeum)

1995 - Honourable mention received by the International Graphic Exhibition of Stockholm (Swe).

Artistic career

1990 - Assistant curator and catalogue texts for the international. art project Oberhalb der Baumgrenze, project Art & Nature, with the participation of the artists Stephan Boninger, Stefan Bohnenberger, Christian Boltanski, Ernst Burkel, Tony Cragg, Walter Dahn, Andreas Erdmann, lan Hamilton Finlay, Heldo Hell, Magdalena Jetelova, Martin Mlecko (curator), Heinz Pfahler, Stephan Reusse, Martin Schwenk, Rosemarie Trockel, Wainer Vaccari. Munich (D).

1991 - Assistant curator and catalogue texts for the international art project Gluck Auf, project Art, Policy & Society with the participation of the artists Curtis Anderson, Stephan Boninger, Marlin Blau, Stefan Bohnenberger, Ernst Burkel, Leo copers, Tony Cragg, Walter Dahn, Johannes Stuttgen, Marlene Dumas, Andreas Erdmann, Feyyaz, Roland Fisher, Milo Frielinghaus, Hendrik Krawen, Barbara Kruger, Erie Lanz, Thomas Lehnerer, Olaf Metzel, Lazlo Milazovski, Alexander Gyenes, Martin' Mlecko (curator), Julian Schnabel, Michael Schulz, Martin Schwenk, Claudia Terstappen, Rosemarie Trockel, Wainer Vaccari. Cologne (D).

1991 - Layout for a Poster against the Jugoslavian war, signed by the artists above and published by Der Spiegel magazine. Cologne (D).

1992 - Thomas Jerig Gallery. Duisburg (D)

Collective exhibition with the participation of the artists Curtis Anderson, Stephan Boninger, Stefan Bohnenberger, Martin Blau, Walter Dahn, Andreas Erdmann, Michael Eul, Feyyaz, Dinah Frank, Milo Frielinghaus, Martin Mlecko, Martin Schwenk, Johannes, Stuttgen.

1992 - Curator and catalogue texts for the art project Corale with the participation of the artists Carlo Bach, Daniele Bianchi, Emanuela Celli, Giuseppe Tommasello, Francesco Chiais, Hiroshi Daikoku, David Dalla Venezia, Riccardo De Marchi, Graziano Guarnieri. Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venice.

1992 - Artistic Laboratory at Fossato di Vico, curated by Mariano Apa (catalogue text).

1992 - Curator of the art project Stanze Mistiche with the participation of the artists David Dalla Venezia, Graziano Guarnieri, Andrea Pagnes. Cultural Club "Ai Miracoli", Venice .

1992 - Catalogue texts curator for 11 Biennale del libro illustrato per l'infanzia ? 39 illustration sovietici (itinerant exhibition).

1993 - Ferita da taglio. Performance for saxophone, acting voice and work in progress with the artists Mauro Sambo (curator) and Ignazio Lago. Ottomat, Vicenza (1).

1993 - Curator and catalogue texts for the international art project Entraxis, project Art, History, Environment and Society with the participation of the artists Marc Angeli, Stefan Bohnenberger, Enrico Caine, Francesco Chiais, Benoît Christiansen, Charles Citron, Mark Cloet, Walter Dahn, Duna Dietzsche, Edith Dekindt, Emile Desmedt, Feyyaz, Judith Fleishmann, Milo Frielinghaus, Patrick Guaffi, Graziano Guarnieri, Anne Marie Klenes, Ignazio Lago, Lazlo Milazovski, Wemer Mally-Kral, Julia Mangold, Martin Mlecko, Haralampi G. Oroshakoff, Andrea Pagnes, Lino Polegato, Mauro Sambo, Martin Schwenk, Johannes Stuttgen, Videa, Piero Viti. Venice (1)

1993 - Curator for the art project Rifondazione with the participation of the artists Enrico Caine, Francesco Chiais, Graziano Guarnieri, Andrea Pagnes, Piero Viti. Venice (1).

1994 - Participant artist and a catalogue text for the international art project Paternoster with the participation of the artists Martin Mlecko (curator), Wolfgang Schoeddert, Konrad Taukert, Daniel Koerfer, Bodo Schmidt, Thomas Lehnerer, Milo Frielinghaus, Jule Kewenig, Susan Boutwell, Andreina Forieri, Ursula Keller, Astrid Erdweg, Constantin von Barloewen, Paolo Bianchi, Renate Goldmann, Boris Groys, Haralampi G. Oroschakoff. Cologne (D).

1994 - Curator for the art project Entraxis 2 with the participation of the artists Adine Atkinson, Enrico Caine, Francesco Chiais, Graziano Guarnieri, Andrea Pagnes, Mauro Sambo, Piero Viti. Malvasia Vecchia Club, Venice (1).

1994 - Participant artist for the art project Artriti curated by Professor Luciano Francalanci (Academy of Fine Arts, Venice) with the participation of the artists: Maurizio Camerani, Celli&Tommasello, Massimo Contrasto, Massimo Giacon, Graziano Guarnieri, Igort, Metaxu, Pietro Mussini, Marcello Peechioli, Paolo Ravalico Scerri, Stefano Ricci, Mauro Sambo, S.P.A., Studio Azzurro, Giacomo Verde, Luigi Viola, Natale Zoppis. Abano Terme (1).

1995 - Art Fair Bologna (B&S Art Gallery).

1995 - First International Graphic Exhibition, Stockholm.

1995 - 11 Cantiere Gallery, Venice. Personal exhibition.

1995 - Co. curator and catalogue texts for the international art project La Stanza degli Sguardi, Der Grosse Guckkasten, with the participation of the artists Mare Angeli, Dan Asher, Francesco Barasciutti, Andreas Bissig, Carmen Biste, Stefan Bohneneberger (curator), Joan Brossa, Roman Buxbaum, Charles Citron, Walter Dahn, David Dalla Venezia, Andreas Erdmann, Vadim Fishkin, Judith Fleishman, Dinah Frank, Dieter Fuchs, Ulla Giesen, Reinhold Goerlitz, Susanne Greven, Graziano Guarnieri, Stefan Hunstein, Sibylle KaIff/Donald Lessau, Yuri Leiderman, Peter Lelliot, Victor Mira, Joahannes Muggenthaler, Andrea Pagnes, Yvonne Parent, Dragana Parlai, Perejaume, Branislav Petric, Mauro Sambo, David C. Scher, Miroslav Tichy, Suse Wiegand, Karsten Wittke. Venice.

1995 - Bugno & Samueli Art Gallery, Venice. Personal exhibition.

1996 - Art Fear Bologna (B& S Art Gallery, Venice).

1996 - Curator, catalogue in two volumes, participating artist for the exhibition project The Garden of Gods - impulses for a new glass art culture, Ateneum San Basso/B & S Art Gallery, Venice.

1996 - Exhibition spaces Il Muro, Venice. In collaboration with the artist Joy Stingone.

1996 - Participating artist for the exhibition project Aspects de Part contemporain en Italie de 1950 à nos jours, curated by professor Lucien Rama (Centre Wallon d'Art Contemporain, Belgique); Participating artists: Valerio Adami, Attardi, Enrico Baj, Guerrino Bardeggia, Mauro Benetti, Angelo Bossi, Lino Carraretto, Bruno Ceccobelli, Sandro Chia, Pasquale Ciuccio, Amilcare Da Pieve, Elio de Gregorio, Marco, del re, Elio De PAris, Gianni Dessi, Luigi Doni, ENzo Esposito, Lucio Fontana, Alwan Jaber, ALberto Magnelli, Antonio Manfredi, Giacomo Manzù, Luigi Marcon, Francesco Messina, Alessandro Monti, Antonio Nocera, Nunzio, Andrea Pagnes, Pietrosanti, Fabrizio Riccardi, Tino Stefanoni, Carlo Zoli, Gilberto Zorio. U Châtaigneraie de Flemalle (Belgique). Catalogue.

1996 - Stefan Vogdt Galerie, Munich, D.

September 1996/ February 1997. Artist in residence program (workshop) at the Stiftung Starke, Berlin.

1996 - NTV Jubilee.Berlin.

1996 - Internet project MEDIART: 100 selected Italian artist.

1997 - Stittung Starke/Dresdner Bank. Berlin.

1997 - Invited for the project Voda a Zivot. Installation for the Moravian waterworld.

1997 - XLVII Biennale of Venice:

1) Sarajevo. Coordinator. Project for the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venice. Participating artists: Alighiero Boetti, Nan Goldin, llya Kabakov, Joseph Kosuth, Julian OPie, Mimmo Paladino, Remo Salvadori, Cindy Sherman, Rosemarie Trockel. Querini Stampalia Foundation

2) Europarte, five young proposals for the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation. Organizer. Participating artists: Graham Gussin (invited by Jonathan Watkins, Serpentine Gallery, London, G13); Pierre Huyghe (invited by Thierry Ollat, Ateliers d'artistes de la ville de Marseille, F); Oleg Kulik (invited by Viktor Misiano, Centre for contemporary art, Moscow, R); Avery Preesman (invited by, Rudi Fuchs, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL); Markus Schaller (invited by Rebecca Horn, Karl Hofer Gesellschaft, Berlin, D).

3) Club Media. Virtual & Internet Art project. Imagine that, video?dia installation at Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Ve.

1997 - Quasi per gioco. Exhibition project by Nicolò Asta. Participating artists: Simrel Achenbach, Alberto Di Fabio, Wes Mills, Andrea Pagnes. Palazzo Mocenigo, Venice.

1997 - Art Cologne. Scognamiglio & Teano Gallery (Napoli).

1998 - Eagle Gallery. London. Personal exhibition.

1999 - Studio 13, Rennes Collective sculpture exhibition.

1999 - Colours. Videoinstallation. Casanova Music Café. Venezia.

Personal exhibitions planned for the year 1999:

Avida Dollars Gallery, Milan

Galerie Flux, Liége (B)

Starke Foundation, Berlin (D)

At the moment the art galleries interested in his work are:

Art Addiction, Stokcholm, Sweden. Eagle Gallery, London, Great Britain. Studio 13, Rennes, France. Deschler Galerie, Berlin, Germany. Galerie Flux, Liége, Belgique. Avida Dollars, Milan, Italy. Scognamiglio & Teano, Neaples, Italy. Laura Trisorio, Neaples, Italy B & S, Venice, Italy.

Computer Graphic and Design

1993 - Publicity campaign, logo, interior design layout of the nightclub Terminal (Venice, Mestre).

1994 - Collaboration for the publicity campaign, logo, interior design of the nightclub Glamour Espace (Treviso).

1993 - 1995 Copywriting. Studio Viti, Venice (1).

1995 - Art and glass designer. Studio Andrea Tagliapietra , Venice (1).

1998 - Logo for nightclub Terminal Café c/o Elements Studio, London.

1999 - Logo Spaceship 2000 for TVset network

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