Bryan Randa

Bryan Randa is an American glass artist distinguished for his expertise in lampworking and off-hand glass blowing techniques. He initiated his career in glassmaking following an unexpected visit to the Sandwich Glass Museum in 2004. Subsequently, Randa undertook a rigorous apprenticeship under renowned glass artists David McDermott and Yukimi Matsumoto at McDermott Glass Studio in Sandwich, Massachusetts, mastering the foundational techniques of traditional glassblowing.

Randa operates his own studio in Pocasset, Massachusetts, where he primarily focuses on lampworking, a technique involving a torch to melt glass, which is then shaped with tools to create detailed, realistic sculptures of marine and botanical subjects. In addition to lampworking, he practices off-hand (free-blowing) glass blowing at a larger scale to produce both functional glass vessels and more abstract sculptural pieces. This method entails shaping molten glass gathered on the end of a blowpipe, using gravity and centrifugal force, without molds.

His artistic creations are known for blending classical glassmaking methods with innovative approaches, ensuring each piece is distinct. Randa's commitment to the craft extends beyond production; he is actively involved in educating emerging artists through workshops, aiming to perpetuate and evolve the craft of glassmaking.

Randa's work, which demonstrates a deep engagement with both the technical and aesthetic aspects of glass art, is exhibited widely in the United States and is highly regarded for its technical precision and creative expression.

Sandwich Glass Museum

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