Caring For Your Murano Item

We all hate to lose our precious collectables at the hands of degradation. And unfortunately, pricey Murano glass home décor items are vulnerable to glass disease too.

Over time, your Murano glass vase or Murano glass necklace and pendant will lose its shine and become duller. The colours will fade away, and there may be chipping on the sides. However, this will probably not convince you to throw away the glass pieces; you’ll just sulk over its miserable state instead.

To ensure that doesn’t happen to you and that your Murano glass items continue to shine in all their historic glory, here are some Murano glass maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Murano Glass Maintenance Tips

Here are the tips to ensure that your Murano glass home décor and accessories continue to shine for years to come.

Murano Jewellery

The first Murano glass maintenance tip for you is for precious Murano glass necklaces, pendants, rings, and watches. If you’re a proud owner of Murano glass jewellery, always keep each item separately in a dry jewellery box. When cleaning Murano glass jewellery, avoid rubbing the beads together to avoid scratches and marks.

Murano Vases and Sculptures

Murano glass vases and sculptures are one of the most prized possessions of Murano glass lovers. If you have a Murano glass vase that’s bright, chic, and radiates beauty, clean it periodically. You can use lukewarm water, a micro fabric cloth, and gentle soap to clean your Murano glass vases and Murano glass sculptures.

Make sure not to accidentally drop any item during cleaning and protect it from breaking.

Murano Glass Home Décor

Do you have Murano glass decorative hanging lights in your home? Here are Murano glass maintenance tips for those. Make sure to clean your Murano glass home décor items every few weeks and avoid rotating chandeliers to prevent scratches.

You can also dip the detachable components of Murano chandeliers and lighting in a sink full of warm water and detergent.

Pro Tip: Never use abrasive cleaning agents.

Buy Murano Glass Items Online

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