Carlo Scanferlato

Product designer. Born in Venice, Italy, 1994.
He is a multidisciplinary designer, recently awarded a MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art, with a background in Interior Design and Fine Arts, and a particular interest in craft practices.

His recent work is focused on technological products and how to add human and cultural value to them, blending beauty, sustainability and simplicity, allowing the process to emerge.
With the "Off the Dust" project the intention was to break down the threshold where Murano glass can be involved, entering new contexts to reconfigure our relationship with it: from contemplative to interactive and social, redeeming it from the dusty shelf .
Functional sculptures, which need our touch to be activated.
The collection of prototypes culminates with a final working piece, ARSENALE, where the centuries-old "incamiciato" technique (colored glass and ceramic powders "trapped" between layers of transparent crystal) allowed the designer to experiment with shades of color in total freedom while also hiding the internal technology, transforming the latter into a subtle, unexpected surprise.

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