Carnival in Venice, 2020

From February 8th to 25th Venice will become the magical set of the Carnival .

Tourists from all over the world will flock to the town on the lagoon to witness and take part at this great show , right on the streets of Venice .

It’s a way to revive the ancient times of The Most Serene Republic and the old Venetian traditions.

What if you can’t fly to Venice?

If you can’t come to Venice and witness the parade of beautiful costumes and masks, stroll in the colourful calles, or take part to some of the many activities and workshops organized throughout the days of Carnival by the Carnival committee, don’t worry!

Thanks to MurnaoNet you can still bring home some of that crazy and festive atmosphere .
You can choose among the Bauta or Colombina masks, both available in a range of different sizes and colors, with a convenient metal stand, and the Mask Gondola .

Bauta Mask

The Bauta Mask

The Bauta is a traditional mask and it is both used by men and women.
It dates back to the 13 th Century and consists not only of a white mask that fully covers the face, but also of a woven lace, a cape and a black hat with three tips, called Tricorno .
It was used all year by Venetian people who wanted to protect their identity and social status : common people and nobles could wear it and they could mix up, mostly at the gambling houses held in the Venetian Palaces.
The white mask made of plaster, papier-mâché or leather was designed to allow eating and drinking and its shape could even modify the voice .

Some fun facts: everyone had to greet the Bauta as you could not know who was wearing it! Casanova used to wear it for his romantic encounters.

The Colombina Mask

Colombina Mask

Colombina – also known as Smeraldina – means little dove and is a stock character in the Commedia dell’Arte . She is a traditional Venetian mask linked to Harlequin : they are, in fact, in love with each other.
The first appearance of Colombina dates back at the beginning of the 16 th Century and has had a disruptive power since then.
It is – in fact – the only female character that has emerged from the Commedia dell’Arte . But Colombina is more than that: she is also a strong woman . As Harlequin she is a servant but this position doesn’t prevent her to be free, cheeky, and astute. A witty woman.
Colombina is the perfect female mirror image of Harlequin.

Mask Gondola

The Mask Gondola

What's the most representative symbol of Venice?
The Gondola ? The Carnival masks ?
Well, both actually!
With the Mask Gondola we have condensed the two quinstessential symbols of Venice in one sleek artwork , hand-made using the traditional lume technique.

Its minimal design and high quality materials will be an elegant addition to your livingroom. A nice way to live the cheerfulness of the Venetian Carnival even if you can't come to Venice.

The Carnival Calendar

Carnival is almost a synonym of Venice and the town guarantees fun and a joyful experience for each one of the 1.5 million visitors that each year come to enjoy the event.
You can choose whether to relax with a spritz – the local cocktail – or a coffee, or to take part at one of the many events held from 11 th to 28 th February.

For more details, visit the official Carnival website :

Mask on a Gondola

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