Cesare Toffolo

Born in Muran in 1961, he is Giacomo's grandson. His father, Florino gained the title of maestro at the early age of seventeen at Venini's and later specialized in the avant-garde technique of blown lampworked glass.

At fifteen years of age, Cesare began working at his father's studio and is now considered by many to be the finest technical flameworker in the world.
His flawless technique and perfect forms comprise the technical standard by which other flameworking is measured.
Cesare introduced techniques never tried before in flame processing with borosilicate glass, such as incalmo, filigree and the addition of gold leaf.
With his inventiveness and his avant-garde vision, Cesare continues his activity in his studio, creating artistic glass of rare beauty.

The blown pieces of him and the exclusive miniatures in Murano glass, produced in unique specimens, are famous.
Toffolo has held courses all over the world and his glasses are exhibited in important museums.
He is the one who projected and created in 1977 the Centro Studio Vetro, the only nonprofit cultural association in Murano, whose aim is to support and promote the culture of artistic glasses, both in Italy and abroad. Since 2001, Cesare has been coordinating the glass workshops in Venice, in S. Servolo Island as Artistic Director.

F.taVetrai, 37 -30141 Murano, Ve Italia
Tel. +39 041 736460 –Fax +39 041 5276532
e.mail: info@toffolo.com – www.toffolo.com

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