Emanuele Sari

Emanuele Sari, was born in Venice on 11 June 1976.
He has worked in art galleries since he was 20, absorbing the skills of various artists.
For over 15 years he has been making glass mosaics using the direct technique.
The direct technique consists in directly gluing the tiles on the support, in this way the mosaictakes more life.

Emanuele uses exclusively glass produced in Venice (Venetian enamels and gold leaf from the Orsoni furnace and murrine from Effetre di Murano) to make his works. In the early years of its activity, production was concentrated on mirror frames.

Then, over time, instead of using the tiles that are ready to go on the market, he begins to model the components autonomously, giving a new liveliness to the figures.

With this new technique come copies of paintings and comics. From Lupin to Jimi Hendrix, from Klimt to Modigliani, passing through a number of famous characters and paintings.

Emanuele defines himself as a self-taught, and this is the originality of the technique he uses.

In his atelier he started to collaborate recently with an assistant specialized in creating portraits in mosaic and they are experimenting with the creation of some extremely defined pieces.

Together with his partner Rossana Colombo, he continues to produce mirrors and furnishing accessories.

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