The artist Matthias Schaller develops two themes in the series Leiermann: the mirror - source and through intellectual reflections, ideals and rational - and Venice - symbolic, historical and cultural place, connected to the contemporary.

The path that Schaller suggests us therefore proposes a detailed reading. His photographic works refer to ancient mirrors, present in Venetian palaces and museums, and lead the observer to imagine and, consequently, to reason about which and how many characters have been captured by these mirroring surfaces which in turn create a fleeting imitation of reality.

In this way Schaller chooses to share this interpretation to dwell on what and how the mirrors of the past ferry the modern image of Venice. This city, for the artist, cannot reflect anything as its inhabitants leave the city year after year. A personal vision that leads the observer to critically examine these contexts - the mirror and the city - reformulated by Schaller who wants them united by a latent passivity.

Thus his photographs critically focus on how a wonderful and fascinating context, object of admiration, can be obscured by the "absence". The poet Müller describes the disappearance of a man who leaves the city, and Schubert's song highlights this thought by inspiring Schaller who, in telling the " absence" leads the observer through a metaphorical atmosphere, from which emerges an aura of sadness how time transforms Venice.

From May 7th to September 29th 2019 Murano, Museum of Glass Curated by Chiara Squarcina and Matthias Schaller

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