Known as Fei.
Master glassblower, in 1921 he joinedthe firm of Cappellin Venini & Co. As first assistant of the art director, Andrea Rioda .
In 1925 he became minority partnen in Venini & C. , for whom he made very large glasswares. During the 30s he worked for

Barovier & Toso 's executing items "under heath without fusion". In 1946 he joined the Alberto Toso & Co. (1945 - 58) as an owner and master glassblower, as well as S.A.L.I.R. furnace to become one of the greatest interpreters of the glasswares designed by Vinicio Vianello (designer at Alberto Toso's), items exhibited at Venice Biennale and Triennali from 1950 to 1957.
He was also active at the Fucina Degli Angeli.

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