Franca Helg
Born in Milan on February 21, 1920.
In 1945 you graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Politecnico di Milano.
In 1951 you began your career with Franco Albini, then in 1962 with Antonio Piva, and since 1965 you have dedicated yourself to design with Marco Albini.
She was full professor of Architectural Composition III at the Department of Architecture of the Politecnico di Milano. He has held architectural design courses at the Technische Universität of Monaco and at the Catholic University of Córdoba in Argentina, and specialization seminars in Cuzco, Peru, in Quito, Ecuador, in Bogota, Colombia, in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, in Madrid, and Barcelona. You have lectured in Italy and abroad and have been a member of competition juries and evaluation committees in Europe and abroad.


Franco Albini; France Helg. Vase, around 1971. Height: 19.8cm. Manufactured by Salviati & C., Murano. Gray underlaid clear glass. Rit signature: Salviati per San Lorenzo Albini-Helg.



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