Auguste Daum portrait
Very well known as the frères Daum glass factory, this firm has been recently renamed Cristalleries de Nancy. It was established in Nancy in 1875 by Jean Daum. His sons Jean Louis Auguste and Jean-Antonine made glassware in the "Art Nouveau" style similar to those of Émile Gallé : very famous are the vase "Berluzze" and the "Verre martele'".
Paul and Henri, sons of Auguste, departed from traditional production and in 1925, together with Michel, son of Antonin, started making objects in transparent glass. Since 1966 production consisted of items in vitreous paste designed by outside artists and collabarorators. In 1965 Jacques, nephew of Auguste, became chairman of the company. All glasswarecarries the signature "Daum".

Daum Artwork:


Logo nowadays:



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