Giorgio Ferro

Son of Galliano, he was born in Murano in 1931. He studied at the Carmini State Institute of Art in Venice. From 1951 to 1955 he worked at A.V.E.M. 's as a designer, and was concerned mainly with design projection especially after the death of Giulio Radi . In 1955 he followed his father in establishing the Galliano Ferro firm and subsequently he became its director.

In the glass factory founded by his father Galliano in 1955, he was the designer from the beginning, and was in the early days very well known for the creation of light blown objects in soft transparent colors.
Many designers have collaborated with him, such as Ezio Rizzetto, Fulvio Bianconi and Vinicio Vianello .
From 1927 he completely took over the reins of the company, focused on the production of chandeliers inspired by tradition and even now continues to create new and original designs.
Today he is considered one of the greatest designers of classic Murano chandeliers.

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