Giuliano Ballarin

Master Giuliano Ballarin was born in Murano on March 15, 1942 in a family whose tradition of glassmaking has been handed down from generation to generation since 1400.

He approaches the world of glass at a very young age, revealing a strong learning ability supported by acute intelligence and lively curiosity, characteristics which, associated with a remarkable artistic sensitivity, quickly led him to assimilate the techniques and secrets of the best glass masters of the time such as: Carrara Albino , Martinuzzi Francesco , Carlo Tosi "Caramea".
Having achieved artistic autonomy, he opens his own glassworks where, happily marrying the new and old techniques and driven by the desire to continually surpass himself, he develops ever more refined models and forms, up to the achievement of an artistic level appreciated among the same master glassmakers, in Italy and in the world.
Since 1989 he has been working in a new glassworks with his son Roberto.

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