How to Build Long-Term Customer Loyalty with Gift-Giving

Loyalty is a process, not a product

Are you planning to strengthen your relationship with your customers?
If so, by reading this article we willl try to help you find some tricks to better reach your goals.

A common mistake is to believe that by giving presents to your prospects you will be remembered for sure and this might boost the word-of-mouth marketing, hence your business
You cannot take their loyalty for granted as each customer differs from the other and conquering a space in their mind might be harder than expected.

You would never buy something from somebody you don’t trust and your customer will do the same.

It’s pretty much like asking to marry a someone on the first date. It will hardly happen!
It’s a long process and giving your best is necessary otherwise you will be soon forgotten.

Marketing Strategies with human touch

Sales people would love to sell their products or services right after meeting their new customer. In their dreams, selling is the next step right after saying: ‘’Pleased to meet you!’’

So, winning your customer’s loyalty is more of a process than a single stage event.
To increase customer loyalty it’s essential to include activities that boost trust towards you and your firm into every step of the Customer Journey.

The loyalty strategy must be planned with extreme attention.
Choose benefit and tokens that:

  • reflect the soul of the brand
  • express the personality of the corporation
  • boost the brand value
  • make a difference to your customers

By paying extreme attention to each step of your Customers’ buying process, you will evolve their relationship with your brand – from the very start to the end – making it more steady.

How to increase your customer loyalty with gift-giving

There are a few main aspects that can help you to actualize your loyalty strategy. We have summed them up for you in three main points.


Pick an original present. By choosing something that is unusual, you will make your customer know your choice was well thought-out. Murano Glass is the right choice to finalize this loyalty program since – with its incredible heritage - it adds a story and aura of exclusiveness to the present you are giving.

Murano glass is one of the most characteristic productions not only of Venice and Veneto, but also of the whole Italian production – the so-called Made in Italy.

Murano is one of the biggest Venetian islands, made up of seven smaller islands crossed by channels and connected by bridges – just like Venice – that has become renowned all over the world for its thousand-year old glass production.

In fact, glass masters use antique techniques – the most famous of all being the murina, dating back to the Romans – to create artworks and jewels of great elegance and value. These pieces of art are known and bought from all the countries in the world.

Storytelling is the best way to add originality to your present: with Murano glass you’ll make the right choice, giving your customers what they always longed for.


Each Murano’s glass product is unique. Glass masters and artists create art using antique techniques developed in the 13th Century.

Glass artists often collaborate with famous designers or contemporary trends specialists in order to deliver products that are innovative and breath-taking in every single detail.

Each artwork should come with a certificate of origin, with details about the artists, the techniques used and other useful information.

Products are all handmade . For this reason it is impossible to find two products that are perfectly identical: each one is a one-off. In fact, Murano glass can’t be industrially produced.

This adds inherent value to your present even if it is a small one.


Each object consists of white sand and a great experience. Artisans will mold matter with fantasy and precious materials.

The characteristics of original Murano glass are based on the quality of the decorations: platinum, gold, or silver leaves, or colors and patterns obtained with fascinating techniques.

Precious and lovely objects, extraordinary shiny shapes and brilliant colors will strengthen your brand image into your customer’s mind.

Small gifts still hold originality, uniqueness and quality

Murano glass is a work of art, regardless the object is small as a ring or large as a sculpture.
Beauty, style, and craftsmanship lay, no matter what the present size of price are.

Keep in mind these three main features when buying a gift for your customer and you will make the difference into their mind.

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