How To Choose Murano Glass Lighting For Your Home

One of Italy's most sought-after exports, Murano glass is a symbol of tradition, skill, and manufacturing expertise. As a means of territorially preserving the creative practice and not disclosing any trade secrets, the Venetian glass masters have dwelled on Murano Island since the 15th century.

Murano glassblowing has developed and diversified through the years to encompass various techniques and styles, including the world-famous ornamental murrine. Murano Glass lights are now a regular feature in many houses and of the most opulent interior designs. This can be seen in the masterpieces by MuranoNet, the online store where you can get authentic quality for your uniquely designed home.

On that note, let's look at some things to remember when looking for Murano Glass lighting.

1. What Is Your End Goal?

What do you intend to use Murano Glass lighting for? Remember that while it is just decorative, it should also provide light. It would help if you had a certain goal in mind before making any decisions. The Murano Glass light adds a hint of luxury and enchantment to the space while also providing light.

There is more leeway in terms of aesthetics and practicality if the lighting fixture in question is not going to be the primary source of illumination. It is important to consider the object's colour while working with Murano Glass light; transparent and gold hues, for example, draw attention to and reflect the light's intensity.

2. Carefully Observe The Finishing

Be cautious of cheap Murano Glass light providers who sell goods that aren't truly crafted in a fire but rather have the colours painted on the exterior with varnish spray. If you're not sure if you want clear glass, coloured glass, or a matt colour (non-transparent) glass, it's a good idea to have the vendor explain the process of giving the glass its colour.

A simple test to determine whether the varnish on the exterior comes off when heated with a lighter can be performed. Colour must be added to the glass during the firing process via a chemical process, not through painting. Incorporating 24-carat gold leaf into the glass, either as an accent or throughout the entire production, elevates the look and increases the value of the final result.

3. Don't Forget To Inquire About Installation

Since most buyers are drawn in solely by the glass's aesthetic appeal, the lights' electrical wiring systems are sometimes overlooked. Pay close attention to the wiring of the Murano glass lighting as well. This is crucial because the configuration of the cables must be properly included in the goods and be suitably constructed to facilitate installation in your region.

If you want to get your hand on Murano Glass lights, MuranoNet should be your go-to option. We deal in authentic, high-quality Murano Glass lights, making us the ideal store to buy Murano Glass online. Whether you want to buy decorative hanging lights for the living room or Murano glass lamps online, we have it all. Contact us today to learn more about our products.

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