How to communicate the spirit of your company with Corporate Gifts

Offering a quality workspace or giving monetary incentives is not enough: to keep close to you your best

collaborators, a concrete possibility is to offer small corporates gifts as a recognition.

In the management of workgroups, managers are often exposed to high stressful situations. For this reason, many companies offer their managers special and Whoever owns an enterprise is perfectly aware of the importance of creating a relaxed and collaborative climate with employees and associates.
Often - however - offering a quality workspace or giving monetary incentives is not enough: to keep close to you your best collaborators, a concrete possibility is to offer small corporates gifts in recognition of achievements and continuous commitment.
This technique may seem obvious, but it offers excellent results: employees will feel involved and valued by the company, more inclined to improve their output.

The choice of a good business gift is also essential to create a positive image of the company itself ( one of the strategies of internal marketing ): avoid therefore useless gifts, which will be soon forgotten, erasing all the potential of this strategy.
At the same time, the perfect business gift is one suitable to satisfy different tastes and needs.

What are the golden rules for choosing the perfect gift then?
We have found four key aspects:

  • High Quality - poorly constructed objects communicate indifference;
  • High Utility - items that aren’t used are soon forgotten;
  • Adaptability to different taste - being generic sometimes pays off;
  • Uniqueness - it will make a good impact.

This is where Murano glass can help you!
A Murano glass artwork - small may it be - will be cherished and loved for its great heritage, beauty, and craftsmanship.

Company Spirit Christmas Thanksgiving Gifts

Team Building

Knowing how to create, manage, and maintain a winning team within the company is one of the most difficult tasks that every entrepreneur - sooner or later - faces. The solution is, once again, a corporate gift: to increase cohesion, bonding, and corporate loyalty in the operating team, gifts are really useful, especially if given for special periods of the year such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In this way, a kind sense of gratitude is usually established, which is also useful for improving the working performance of the manager.

But that’s not all. Many firms, in fact, distribute particulars company gifts to their managers linked to the attainment of certain goals. this system helps to maintain a certain (healthy) competitiveness among managers and other groups, while at the same time it gratifies those who have demonstrated the best working performance.

Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts

Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season are the perfect periods of the year for leveraging a corporate gifts strategy: companies are usual to make gifts to their suppliers, collaborators, and customers: a sign for thanking those who have had relations with the firm.

It is a tribute showing esteem and gratitude to a person or another company for the work done, the results obtained, for the professionalism demonstrated.

It is therefore essential to choose them with great care and attention, in time to avoid last-minute shopping. Everything has to be planned ahead : the gift must be suitable for the recipient and must also meet defined budget requirements and, at the same time, be something original, if possible useful and not insignificant.

Need some ideas? Take a look at our Corporate Gift category.

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