Il Vortice

By Gianluigi Bertola

Masterpiece Glass Art by Master Sculptor and Artist Livio Seguso Named "Il Vortice" and Created in 1978 by Livio with His Most "Skilled Collaborators" Masters Elio Raffaeli and Roberto Camozzo. It Has Traveled the Entire World in Numerous International Exhibitions.

In his groundbreaking book, UNA VITA PER L'ARTE Livio Seguso shares the intricate details behind the creation of his monumental masterpiece, 'The Vortex.' This sculpture, a remarkable feat of glass artistry, was brought to life in the latter half of 1978 after extensive research and experimentation. 'The Vortex' stands as a testament to overcoming technical barriers, crafted entirely from clear crystal to unequivocally express the transcendence of such obstacles. The effort and experimentation that Seguso invested in this piece were substantial, yet he considers it to culminate one of his most significant achievements in the realm of sculptural form. This work, crafted through the meticulous process of hand-working hot glass without any molds, is a pivotal milestone in his career.

"The sculpture, which still resides in my studio and has been featured in numerous publications, boasts an 'ogival' shape that tapers at both ends. It is made from solid glass and contains a 'bubble of air,' weighing approximately fifty kilograms, considering the total mass when the piece is still attached to the 'Blowing Iron' to facilitate its formation. A 'spiral,' resembling a delicate 'wing or span,' wraps around the piece from one end to the other, projecting outward as if 'pushed by a whirlwind,' imbuing the sculpture with a dynamic, screw-like motion that seems to extend continuously towards new universal horizons. IL VORTICE measures 45 centimeters in length and 42 centimeters in width, and stands as one of my most challenging creations, due to the enormous execution difficulties, to the point of being considered almost at the limit of known human capabilities." - Livio Seguso.

Photo by: Gianluigi Bertola
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