Jaume Plensa
Jaume Plensa is a Spanish artist who creates sculptures and installations exploring human connection and spirituality. He collaborated with Berengo Studio, an Italian glass-making studio, to create the "Laura" series, a collection of head and bust sculptures made entirely out of glass. The sculptures are incredibly detailed and intricate, with delicate features and lifelike expressions.
Creating the "Laura" series required Plensa's artistic vision and Adriano Berengo's technical expertise. Plensa created a small-scale model of the sculpture, which was used to create a mold from a special type of plaster. Molten glass was then poured into the mold and allowed to cool and solidify. The "Laura" series was first exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2015 and has since been shown at galleries and museums worldwide.
Plensa and Berengo have also collaborated on other glass sculptures, including the glass installation "Voices," which represents the diverse voices of humanity. The collaboration has opened up new possibilities for artists and craftsmen alike and has shown that the combination of artistic vision and technical skill can result in works that are both beautiful and technically impressive.

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Jaume Plensa  | Glasstress

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