Loud Listening - Through the Sound of Murano Glass

The voices of artists, noises of ovens, sounds of glass rods, shouting of masters whilst glass is transformed and comes to life: all the magical world of Muranese glass production sites will be transposed into music thanks to a project called "Loud listening - through the sound of Murano glass" made possible by the Promovetro Consortium, the Venice Chamber of Commerce, and the AIPS Collective.

All of this is part of a wider experiment in sonic exploration, whose aim is to investigate the soundscapes of Italian craft and industrial areas.

Technicians and artists of the AIPS Collective - Archivio Italiano Paesaggi Sonori - will make audio recordings in Murano companies that adhere to the Promovetro Consortium, from 28 th to 31 st January.

Le voci delle fornaci

The result will be a documentary film - to be released by the end of February - in which, through conversations with the protagonists of Murano glassmaking and production sounds, the fragility and immense beauty of Murano glass will be presented.

On the evening of 31 st January, a live electronic music performance will be held at the "A plus A" Slovenian Exhibition Centre in Venice, where the outcome of the recordings will be presented in form of electronic music.

Overall this experience will be an innovative approach to art and musical exploration but also a peculiar marketing opportunity for the brand "Artistic Murano Glass" to promote, protect and develope the ancient Muranese knowledge about glassmaking.

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