Louis Comfort Tiffany Portrait Ritratto
Born in New York in 1848, he died there in 1933. Son of the famous jeweler Charles, he studied painting in New York in 1866 and traveled to Paris in 1869, where he was acquainted with Siegfried Bing, whose shop, "L'Art Nouveau", later became the exclusive european outlet for his production. On returning to N.Y. He dedicated himself to the production of decorated and leaded lamps and stained glass windows. In 1895 he established a glasswork at Corona on Long Island; it produced a great quantity of art glass in coloured, iridescent glass using original and innovative techniques. He painted all over the world from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the United States recording scenes from every day life that seem plain and unworldly when compared to his elaborate decorations in glass. The great success attained at the 1900 International Exhibition in Paris made Tiffany the most important artist of the american Art Nouveau style. Also, he worked very closely with his partner , designer and production supervisor Arthur J. Nash. Louis retired in 1919, and the glassworks closed in 1928.



Cleveland Museum

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