Mario Gambaro

Born in Murano in 1941 and he has always lived and worked on the island. For the paste five generations, there has always been at least one important maestro in his family. He started his

apprenticeship when he was only 13 years old, guided by Alfredo Barbini . Was 20 years old when he started working as a master at Seguso vetri d’Arte . He has worked closely with Archimede Seguso , with Livio Seguso and with Pino Signoretto . In the early seventies he moved on and began working for Vincenzo Nason where he produced reproductions for a splendid catalogue “Vecchia Murano”. In 1974, together with his brother-in-law Bruno Poggi, he opened the Vetreria Artistica Gambaro & Poggi where he still works as maestro and art director.

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