Martino Naia Signoretto

Martino Naia Signoretto was born in Venice on 1st November 1990.
From an early age he shows a particular, ability and interest in drawing.
After finishing primary school, he enrolled at the Liceo Artistico in Venice where he affirmed and developed his artistic skills.
His passion for the world of glass begins much earlier. His parents work in a glass factory in Murano, his father is a glassmaker in the furnace of Master Walter Furlan while his mother is the daughter of the great Master Pino Signoretto.
Martino immediately proves to be very curious about glass and very often stops in the furnace to observe his grandfather's creations.
In the following years Martino began to work in the furnace of his grandfather Pino, carrying out the humble duties of the serventin. Thus he begins to know the techniques of glass working learning them directly from the master and his assistants who see in Martino a will and a rare ability for a teenager.
At the age of 17 Martino permanently joined Pino Signoretto's team.
Assisting Pino Signoretto, considered the best glass master in the world and famous for his eclecticism, allowed him to learn all the techniques of Murano glass processing. He also has the opportunity to collaborate in the creation of the works of various artists and designers such as Hiroko Ueki, Marc Quinn, Ritva Liisa Pohjalainen, Oiva Toikka, Markku Piri, Harri Koskinen, Illka ​​Suppanen Adel Abdessemed.
After the death of his beloved grandfather Martino he becomes the Master Glassmaker of Fornace Signoretto SRL where he realizes his unique creations every day.

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