Murano Goldfish and Other Genius Housewarming Gifts

Whether it's your best friends or children moving into their new homes, choosing the perfect housewarming gift will be overwhelming. From friends to family and loved ones, each time someone takes a step as big as buying a new house, you’d want to get them a gift that will perfectly complement their new abode.

And while there are many conventional gifts, nothing impresses like a Murano housewarming gift. From champagne stoppers to Murano glass vases and elegant chandeliers, there’s much to offer as a Murano home décor piece.

But why is Murano so popular and loved by glass enthusiasts worldwide? The answer lies in its fascinating history.

History of Murano Glass

Born out of passion and as a labor of love in 13th-century Italy, Murano glass is a unique form of glass art that combines handcraft with creativity and precision.

The glass masters in Venice were renowned for their glass-blowing techniques and astonishing craftsmanship. When glassmaker furnaces moved to Murano in the 13th century, Murano glasswork became popular across Europe and, eventually, across the globe.

Why Choose Murano Housewarming Gifts?

Not sure why you should gift a friend a Murano glass vase or a Murano candle holder? Here are some reasons.

Classy and Pricey

Because Murano glass items are handcrafted, each piece is unique and classy and often comes with a big price tag. Want to show someone they matter? This Murano glass sculpture will do the job!


Sophisticated Beyond Material

From conception to design and production, each piece of Murano home décor and jewelry speaks volumes of the sophistication behind it. Want to take your Murano housewarming gift up a notch? Pick a decorative hanging light for the living room made of Venetian glass.

Each Piece, A Testament of Taste

Whether you buy a Murano glass chandelier online or pick champagne stoppers as Murano housewarming gifts, you’ll be reflecting your superior taste. For those who love the finer things in life, this thousand-year-old tradition is everything.

Buy Murano Glass Online

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