Murano Glass events Murano Illumina Il Mondo

Where: Venice - Saint Mark Square - Piazza San Marco
When: 24th September 2023 
Until: 29th Febraury 2024

Organized by: The Venice Glass Week

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Murano Lights Up Venice: A Spectacular Exhibition at St Mark’s Square

From 24 November 2023 to 29 February 2024, Venice is transformed into a unique spectacle every night. Imagine twelve magnificent chandeliers, each a masterpiece of collaboration between renowned international artists and nine esteemed Murano furnaces, illuminating the night. These bespoke creations are more than just lighting fixtures: they are symbols of the ingenuity and future of Murano glassmaking.

St. Mark's Square, a place synonymous with historical and aesthetic grandeur, becomes an open-air gallery under the Venetian sky. This public art intervention is not only a visual attraction, but a narrative of the art and soul of Venice.

The realisation of 'Murano Illuminates the World' is a testimony to the spirit of collaboration and generosity. The participating artists and furnaces, together with sponsors such as Pentagram Stiftung, Chahan Interior Design, Generali - The Human Safety Net, Bassetto Impianti and Select Aperitivo, played a fundamental role. A special mention goes to the Cultural Productions Service of the City of Venice and Vela for their valuable contribution.

This exhibition is not just a feast for the eyes; it is a poignant reminder of how art and community can light up the world, one chandelier at a time. If you are in Venice this winter, do not miss the opportunity to witness this unique blend of art, history and innovation in St Mark's Square.

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