Murrine from Murano and the

Dear friends, this week we would like to inform you about EGE - European Glass Experience, a call for artists living in the European Union that are older than 40.

Until 31st December 2013

The EGE project intends to promote the common European heritage through glass artworks. Three exhibitions will be held in three important glass museums: Murano Glass Museum in Murano - Italy, The Finnish Glass Museum in Riihimaki - Finland, Glass Museum in La Granja - Spain.

We would also like to suggest an interesting photographic journey centered around the work Vittorio Ferro. Adrian John Odell has written an interesting book, «Murrine from Murano - One Man's Art in the Glass of Another », on the philosophy of art within the context of - rare - murrine vases. We think it's a fascinating read and could be a nice gift idea for this Holidays season.

Extract from back cover: Colourful and dynamic art inspires me. However, I never expected it to lead me on a life-changing journey. A physical and intellectual journey. Physical because it involved the discovery and examination of vases of extraordinary beauty from Venice and Murano, Italy. Intellectual because it involved deep reflection about the meaning of art and its function as a "repository and conduit of culture". My journey centered around the work of Vittorio Ferro. With a working life in the glass industry of sixty-seven years, he was one of the world’s greatest masters of murrine glass. My interest fast became multi-dimensional, I began photographing vases and went to Venice and Murano to find out more. Publishing became important to complete what had become a significant and passionate part of my life. This book records my journey. A “vasegraphy” (va:z-e-grafi) or study of sixty-seven rare murrine vases made by Vittorio Ferro, one-third signed, revealed in a kaleidoscope of Venice and Murano, and my new understanding of art. A photographic journey with a fresh approach to glass.

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