Nicola Moretti Murano

The Nicola Moretti Murano company was founded in 2013 by the brothers Alberto and Nicola Moretti.

It started in the second half of the nineteenth century, when Vincenzo Moretti specialized in the production of “mille fiori” glass, also called “murrini” glass, following the ancient roman technique of the glass – mosaic, and founded the first furnace with his sons. Here, generation after generation, excellent glassmakers specialized in the production of colored glass rods and millefiori were trained. From these solid roots was born the great company that is today NicolaMoretti, in which the mastery of traditional techniques and the desire to reformulate the aesthetics and language of Murano glass, allow it to call upon numerous designers and artists from all over the world. The company specializes in reed and murrino glass processing and glass fusing, which are combined with other techniques to generate new creative solutions. These products, strictly in original Murano glass, are custom-made works or objects of craftsmanship and furniture such as plates, glasses, frames, plates, medals.
Over the years they have also allowed new artists to work with them, followed by great glass masters. An example of this is the glass fusing by Monika Mazzola, exhibited at Galleria S. Eufemia for the INDACO exhibition, organized by the Arte Design Venezia Associazione Culturale and part of the Venice Glass Week 2020.

Nicola Moretti at the Venice Glass Week

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