Oscar Zanetti (Jr)

Oscar Zanetti, son of Licio and grandson of Oscar Snr, started working at the Zanetti Vetreria Artistica - founded in 1956 by his grandfather - very young, at the beginning of the 80's.

From his father he inherited the artistic talent, which he learned to express through the ancient Murano glass traditions, as well as thanks to new techniques invented at the furnace itself.

Oscar draws inspiration from animals and plants of his beloved Venetian Lagoon.

His talent and skills has allowed him to produce not only sculptures responding to a generally accepted taste, but also original works that have been acclaimed by connoisseurs around the world and prized for their colours and the complexity of their technique.

This is the substance of Oscar’s works. In their richness and variety of forms, in the purity of their transparent lines, they reflect themselves and the human and productive environment at the heart of which stands the glassmaster.

  • Jaclyn Stevens
    Feb 08, 2023 at 20:23

    I have a sting Ray sculpture by Oscar Zinetti and I need to replace one sting Ray. Can you help me?

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