Péter Borkovics

The glass sculptures of Peter Borkovics (born 1971) are consistent in their formal and technical analysis in which the artists enquires into the melting, flowing and sudden hardening qualities at a certain stage, in a given form.

"Glass is an unpredictable material, and my primary interest is in its manipulation and its consequential behaviour. My enthusiasm is focused on its mode of existence as a congealed liquid carrying within its internal working forces. These forces are mystical, equal in age with the universe. Gravitation, surface tension, volume, light, pushing and pulling forces...... Time is indispensable to its operation, which lends a fourth dimension to the material. I must've heated up my furnace a thousand times or more, but each working occasion gives me a surprise. Glass and I compliment each other! I complete what the material started, and where my knowledge is not enough the material takes over and continues the work. I frequently use geometric grids to emphasise the movements in glass. It is called "controlled chance", but I simply consider it an interesting game of manipulation.

The beauty of these solidified glass moments is not only the outcome of the matter but the conscious planning of controlled chance, producing a light conducting organic crystal, a light - space dissolving real space.


Hot forming, cutting and polishing


1994: Hungarian Academy of Craft and Design, Budapest, Degree in Glass and Porcelain Design, 1996: Masters Degree in Glass, 2002-Current: Hungarian University of Craft and Design: Doctor of Uberal Arts School

2004 Noemi Ferenczy Award / State award

2002 Erasmus scholarship, Milano

2002 National Design Competition, Minister's award (for finger glasses)

1998 Lajos Kozma Art and Crafts Fellowship

1994 Laszlo Moholy-Nagy Design Fellowship

1993 Artrevue '93, 2nd prize, Budapest

1993 Artemide Hungarian Lamp Competition, 1st Prize, VAM Gallery, Budapest


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