Simone Cenedese

Simone Cenedese was born on Murano in 1973. Master and designer of art glass, with all the experiences of a dynasty of master glass workers of Murano, he pursued design out of personal interest, but soon

his passion transformed into creativity, crowned by success in Italy and abroad.

His beginnings were in the glass factory owned by his father Giovanni, where he learned the rudimentary basics of an art form that the whole world, even today, envies: handmade art glass. Simon Cenedese knew how to apply a modern style and aesthetic to an ancient material. From this union of old and new, which only appear to be in contrast with one another, the art works of this young and dynamic artist-designer are born. He has continuously collaborated with famous architects to create pieces destined to leave their mark on the world of giftware design.

Simone Cenedese is today a prestigious brand of Murano glass.
Simone Cenedese has participated in numerous exhibits both collective and personal in Italy and abroad

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