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Glassblowing has undergone significant changes from its origins to the innovations of the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. Technology played an important role in the evolution of this industry.
During the Enlightenment, glassblowing techniques were highly refined and the invention of the blowpipe revolutionized the industry, allowing glassblowers to create very elaborate designs. The demand for high quality glassware exploded, especially in Europe where glassmakers were celebrated for their unique creations.
The Industrial Revolution brought another significant change in the art of glassblowing. Innovations in machinery and manufacturing techniques made it possible to produce glass on a large scale, which led to the creation of the first glass factories. This allowed glassmakers to mass-produce products such as glass windows and bottles that were in high demand during the industrial revolution.
One of the major innovations of this period was the development of pressed glass. It allowed glass objects to be mass produced more quickly and efficiently by using molds to make identical pieces. The use of pressed glass made it possible to sell glass objects at a lower price than handmade objects, making them accessible to more people.

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