Thomas Apa

Thomas was born in Murano in 1980.
From a very young age he was fascinated by the world of glass with which he is surrounded.
After graduation he decided to contact Dario Frare to be introduced to the a lume glass technique.

From that moment a passion began that has always grown over time.
Tomas likes to remember the mountain of hours spent experimenting, the initial sacrifices to get to the level of precision that satisfied him.
We at MuranoNet have been collaborating with Thomas for almost 20 years and in all this time he has never delivered us a gondola, a paperweight or even a cherry that was not treated in detail.
His objects are particularly loved by the oriental public, who are respected who appreciate the obsessive attention to color, shape and material.

The gondolas with hearts and hearts on a base were designed by Thomas Apa, over time many other craftsmen have tried to imitate them without ever equating harmony and quality.


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