Umberto Bellotto

Born in Venice in 1882 where he died in 1940.
He inherited his father's blacksmith's workshop and in 1910, together with the architect Cesare Laurenti, he was awared the patent for the connubio di ferro e vetro .

He exhibited at the Venice Biennale of in 1914 and 1920.
The glasswares of his compositions are executed by Artisti Barovier 's and by Fratelli Toso 's. In 1927 he exhibited at the Triennale di Milano the blownglass wares executed by Pauly & Co .
Requested in Rome in 1928 by the Minister for Public Works, represented by the venetian Giuseppe Giurati, he abandoned the glassmaking activities altogether.

In the 1995 edition of the Biennale, an exhibition of five works was dedicated to the artist.
A multifaceted artist in the use of metals, he has also ventured into the creation of works in lost-wax cast bronze, glass, majolica, creating ornamental vases with extravagant shapes, with applications that seem to be the prows of gondolas.
A great admirer of his works was Gabriele D'Annunzio.

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