Valter Rossi

"Glass, this magical material that pushes me every day to improve myself to reach a perfection that I will never reach."
"The master glassmaker

cannot go back: his sign remains indomitable, he is not allowed to make mistakes "
island in the Venice lagoon.
Valter was born on January 26, 1968 in Burano, a small and colourful
From a young age, during his studies, he showed a marked sensitivity for drawing; he delights in the depiction of various subjects and landscapes, thus expressing his creative flair.
At the age of 17 he began working in the furnace on Murano and in a short time he perceived that the magical material (glass) could satisfy his great passion: he could realise his artistic intuitions with his own hands.
From that moment on, animated by great enthusiasm, he used every moment of his free time (beyond working hours) in trying the various working techniques and in a short time he became the youngest Master glassmaker of the moment.
At 20, Pino Signoretto wants him to be part of his staff to cultivate his skills and give a further boost to the natural talent he already has.
This period will be of great artistic and technical importance for Valter Rossi.
As he states himself: "I have acquired excellent techniques that I never expected to learn", "I owe much of my training to the great Maestro Pino Signoretto".
At the end of this collaboration with Pino, Valter Rossi finally opened his furnace-studio and began to put into practice the techniques learned.
The results are not long in coming and the world of glass begins to talk about this young Master.
Gallery owners and great artists of the moment begin to collaborate with Valter Rossi giving life to a series of works that are still exhibited in various museums and art galleries.
Artists such as: Rodica Tanasescu, Igor Mitoraj , Angelo Rinaldi, Gianni Aricò, Luciano Dall'Acqua, Luciano Zarotti, Robert Wilson , Egidio Costantini , etc.
Valter Rossi is the last and youngest Master glassmaker performing the works of the Fucina degli Angeli .
Currently Valter Rossi designs and creates his works, which are appreciated by countless collectors and customers.
One of his works is already exhibited at the Murano Glass Museum and other works performed are present in various galleries and private collections in the world.


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