murano blown glass the golden age
The city of Venice is renowned for its rich history and culture, and one of its most notable contributions is the golden age of the blown glass. During the 15th and 16th centuries, Venetian glassmakers perfected the art of blown glass, creating exquisite pieces that were highly valued throughout Europe.
The long history of Venetian glassmaking dates back to the 13th century, but it was during the Renaissance period that Venetian glassmakers truly came into their own. They were able to refine the techniques of blown glass and create objects of great beauty and complexity.
One of the key innovations of Venetian glassmakers was the use of "cristallino" which is a type of clear glass that was highly prized for its transparency and purity. The cristallino was far superior to any glass produced before, creating an insatiable demand for the products of the glasshouses using it and
Its purity and thinness were a source of wonder and fascination.
It is not known who invented or perfected but it is now that Angelo Barovier (d.1460) of the famous Muranese glass makers family, played an important role in experiments.
Another hallmark of Venetian blown glass was the use of vibrant colors, glassmakers used a variety of techniques to add colors to their creations, including adding metal oxides to the glass mixture or layering different colors of glass together.
The golden age of Venetian blown glass coincides with a period of great prosperity and cultural achievement in the city. The Republic of Venice was a major economic and political power, and the city was home to many talented artists and craftsmen.
The Venetian glass industry played a significant role in the city's economy with many glassmakers operating in workshops throughout Venice. Glass objects were highly valued and were exported to markets throughout Europe and the Mediterranean.
One of the most famous examples of Venetian blown glass is the chandelier of the Doge's Palace, which dates back to the 17th century, and features dozens of glass elements arranged in a stunning design.
Venice remains a hub of glassmaking activity and innovation and blown glass continues to be highly prized for its beauty and craftsmanship. 

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