Venice loves Jazz music

"Maree Sonore" is an internationally renowned event organized by the cultural association "The Sestiere of Music" under artistic direction of Arrigo Cappelletti in collaboration with Veneto Jazz.

Maree Sonore is a music festival open to classical and avant-garde jazz but also to contaminations between jazz and other music genres.

This fourth edition will give an insight into the world of jazz music with some valuable Italian and international guests.

It will take place in an exceptional location, one of the greatest architectural wonders of Venice, home of the Music School, usually closed to the public.

The calendar of events that will take place in the prestigious concert hall of Pisani Palace from 20 to 21.30:

- 15th July: an evening dedicated to Tango with Italian-Argentine singer Annamaria Musajo, one of the most important interpreters of tango in Italy, and Arrigo Cappelletti, pianist and director of the jazz course at the Music School in Venice.

- 17th July: dedicated to Duke Ellington eith the trio made up by singer Alessia Obino, accompanied with the piano by Matteo Alfonso and with cello and double bass by Alvise Seggi.

- 20th July: with the young Italian virtuoso pianist Giovanni Guidi, one of the most orginal talents of the European Jazz scene.

- 24th July: the Uli Beckerhoff quartet - one of the most famous trumpeters in Europe - accompanied by Richard Brenner (piano), Mortiz Götzenal (bass) and Niklas Walter (drums).

You can buy tickets at the Music School of Venice, Campo S. Stefano, or make reservations calling these numbers:

- mob. +39 339 160 4120 / +39 339 160 4120

- tel. +39 041 522 5604

Seats are not numbered.

Ticket price is 10€ for adults, 5€ students.

All concerts will be preceded by a visit to the palace starting at 7.30pm.

For more detailed information visit or the Maree Sonore Festival facebook.

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