In 1984 the Voltolina brothers, heirs of a long Venetian tradition in the manufacture of glass, decided to diversify their production by producing high-quality glass for lighting systems.

Using their experience to find the perfect raw materials and introducing new innovative technologies, they have led the company to be among the world leaders in its field.
In the heyday the Voltolina team worked on a production facility of 80,000 square meters and employs over 700 people.

In addition to cutting glass, in 2000 the company started the production of artistic glass in Murano and splendid high-quality lead-free crystals. This versatility and competence has allowed the company to become a leader in a wide variety of market sectors.
The natural next step was to make the ranges available through a network of prestigious showrooms in the cities from Venice to New York and from Casablanca to Dubai.
In 2009 the team started a business that retraced the original traditions of Venetian glass blowing and recreated them in the "old way". A new company called "MURANOLAB 1291" was based on the island of Murano: it consisted of a glass studio with a team of highly experienced glass masters and designers who offered high quality, customized products.
The Voltolina brand closed its business in 1997. However, through our website it is still possible to buy their products.


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