What Makes Murano Glass So Pricey? Let's Find Out

When compared to other types of glass, why is Murano so pricey? Actual Murano Glass is a type of Italian art glassware that is crafted by hand in the city of Murano, employing only the most rudimentary of tools, specialised furnaces, and time-honoured methods. To produce such high-quality art glassware that connoisseurs and art enthusiasts respect, Italian craftsmen and glassblowers require decades of practical experience.

When you take in the high cost of raw materials, many of which are valuable metals, you can see why Murano Glass is more expensive than mass-produced substitutes. What factors into the cost of Murano Glass, and why does it seem so much more expensive than mass-produced imitations? Here's a rundown of the basics:

1. Operational Costs

Cups, bowls, vases, figurines, and chandeliers are all examples of significantly bigger objects that require specialised furnaces to create than smaller jewellery, which is normally made using only a little flame. All of the machinery at a Murano Glass factory revolves around the furnaces used to create the desired products. These furnaces require a significant time to get up and running, can't be turned off in one night, and consume a lot of expensive gas.

2. Complex Production

Due to the high demand for authentic Murano Glass as well as the scarcity of skilled artisans, the production of this type of glassware is highly specialised. Avventurina, Millefiori, Filigrana, and Sommerso are just a few of the various Murano Glass methods that can be used by master artisans, although each master usually focuses on just one or two of these.

The high cost is due to the complexity of the techniques used and the fact that many items require the work of multiple artists over the course of many hours.

3. Increasing Price Of Raw Materials

Metals like cobalt, gold, or silver are required for the creation of certain colours. Murano glass is often layered using 0.925 sterling silver or 24 karat gold to give it a unique shine that is characteristic of the style. Undoubtedly, the prices of valuable and semi-precious stones are very high and steadily rising.

4. Shipping Fees

Since no other country manufactures the glass used to make Murano chandeliers, all vendors outside of Italy must import it. Shipping expenses can add another 20% to the final cost of a product you're importing, and customs fees, which are set by the importing country, can add another 5% to the product's price.

Objects of Murano Glass are expensive because of the high cost of shipping and insurance due to their fragility and weight when transported across continents.


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