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When exploring Venice, it's easy to be dazzled by the increasing availability and range of Murano glass available for purchase around the city.

When visitors come back home and begin using or showing their stunning Murano glass items, they immediately receive countless remarks and inquiries about them. Later they find Murano glass isn't readily available in their area, and they question where they may get Murano glass. Luckily, authentic Murano glass is available online. Here's a guide to buy Murano glass online and avoid being scammed.

Murano Glass Buying Guide

Murano glass is one-of-a-kind, extremely costly, and breathtakingly beautiful. Once you've seen the genuine product, you'll have no problem spotting the cheap copies. Because it is so simple to be misled in online stores, this Murano glass buying guide is important information for anybody looking to purchase real Murano glass at a reasonable price.

When finding an online store to purchase your Murano Glass masterpiece, keep the following in mind:

  • A proper website with an About Us, Privacy Policy, Warranties, and Payment and Shipping pages should be present. Check out how many years the company has been serving, who they are, and whether they provide authentic items.
  • The website should provide a wide range of Murano Glass items, including home décor pieces, jewellery, vases, collectibles, tableware, and lighting, in various pricing levels ranging from inexpensive to high-end art glass. This indicates that the business is passionate about its Murano Glass offerings and produces some high-end art glass items that are difficult to replicate.
  • The website must clearly state return and exchange policies, including the right to reclaim things for any cause. This demonstrates that the vendor proves their product quality and is eager to address any concerns that may emerge during shipment.
  • A contact number and office address should be present on the Google Maps friendly website to ensure that it is a real business address.
  • Accurate, clear, and various high-quality images of the items with prices and details should be available on the website.
  • Examine the website's shipping schedules and whether or not the quick shipment is available. If a shop can offer accelerated delivery alternatives, they are likely storing their items rather than employing a third party to drop-ship them.
  • Check to see whether the website you're looking at has a detailed blog and articles where they publish information about the history, product making, and ideas linked to their website. Because a website that sells genuine Murano Glass is constantly interested in informing and helping their customers avoid copies and duplicates.
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