Gabriella Nanni

You already know Gabriella Nanni for her jewels with Murano glass containing gold and platinum leaves that create incredible light effects. It has been a huge success thanks to their personality and quality .



The jewellery Gabriella Nanni has designed with passion in her thirty-year career has always had a strong personality and originality.

" I have always thought that making something which could create a link of communication between myself and the people was very important in my life. Cookery contains the culture of its inhabitants and gives life to endless creativity: I love it as it does have a great power. It is a language without barriers. But I could not invite everybody to dinner! Also playing gigs allows you to express yourself and you feel so close to thousands of people with an amazing exchange of emotions. I would have loved it, but unfortunately I cannot sing or play any instrument. Designing jewelry is now the most successful means of communication for me and I can really say that it works and makes me happy. There is a direct line of understanding between us and our Customers who give me my true source of inspiration with their comments ".

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After searching for inspiration in simple materials matched with precious metals and then carrying it out with a preference for chromatic and tactile effects rather that a classical harmony, her creativity communicates distinctiveness and an original idea of beauty : in her atelier in Florence, not far from the Ponte Vecchio, she designs simple jewels of great effect that imprison mysterious lights and fascinating colours .

We never followed the so-called trends - says Gabriella Nanni - because we aspire to the recognizability that comes from diversity. Our strategy relies on three firm grounds: quality, tradition and Italian craftsmanship ". In fact there's a big difference between standardized production with no soul or design and products that are creative, colorful and made by hand to a precise idea. That's why each jewel is one of a kind, unique and handmade in Italy using only high quality Murano glass, pearls, shells, corals and silver. MuranoNet is now proud to present the new Storie di Mare (Sea Stories) collection , always available without shipping costs .


It consists of unique pieces inspired by whatever comes from the sea : shapes, colours, suggestions and materials. Pearls, shells, coral, pebbles smoothed by the sea which become an integral part of the jewel itself.

The metal used is natural 925 silver, hand-brushed without galvanic baths processes, whereas the stones and pebbles are natural, smoothed by the waves on Etruscan beaches, Southern Italy and 5 Terre (Liguria).

Cleaning tip: never use liquids but only cleaning cloths suitable for silver. Liquids could damage pearls and corals.

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