IMuranesi is an artistic project born from the imagination of its creator Giampaolo Barbini.
At IMuranesi, the initial ideas of a product design are inspired by the simplicity of the objects and the lamps handmade by the Murano masters of the furnace, enriched with decorations applied whilst the glass matter is hot and still being processed.

The modern and refined design, the choice of colors and materials, the processing and the craftmanship are guarantee of high quality and originate from years of collaborations with designers who love the traditions of Murano glass such as Cleto Munari, Mendini, Luca Scacchetti, David Palter, De Lucchi: IMuranesi strongly believes that the object is not only a decoration but also something functional, for customers that are looking for a modern and elegant design, but aware of the traditions and the values conveyed by the Italian craftmanship.


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